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Management of Quad O and Quad Oa Rules
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Regulatory requirements associated with environmental compliance are always changing.


In 2015 and 2016 respectively, the Environmental Protection Agency enacted Quad O (OOOO) and Quad Oa (OOOOa) rules targeting the oil and natural gas industry and calling for unprecedented levels of monitoring and reporting.

Did you know that in some states, like Oklahoma,  that   an

air permit is required for every well that is going to be hydraulically fractured? All wells drilled since September of 2015 must perform leak detection and repair (LDAR) monitoring every 6 months. All compressor stations installed since then are required to do LDAR monitoring on a quarterly basis. Did you know that you now have to perform green completions on almost all wells? All of these requirements require documentation and reporting.

​The mandates are complex, requiring the type of technical expertise many operators do not have. Our experience includes more than a decade working with State and Federal regulators, overseeing emission issues at thousands of facilities across the United States. We will represent you if you have an inspection by an agency or if you receive a notice of violation from your State environmental agency or the EPA.

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