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Baber Environmental Assistance & Remediation
We efficiently assess an operation’s level of regulatory compliance. If action is necessary, we work closely with clients to find solutions that are effective, affordable and expedient.

Due to Quad Oa, every well drilled in Oklahoma since September of 2015 needs to have an air permit and most likely needs to have controlled storage tanks. The incomng Quad Ob and Quad Oc rules need a fresh set of eyes to ensure compliance. Any new rule requires the attention of operations staff that takes their eye off of their day job. We can relieve that burden with knowledge of both the operational process and being able to understand the new rules. We speak the language.

We have found that air permits, and even spill prevention control & countermeasure (SPCC), can be lacking. Especially with the changing regulatory environment, ever-evolving network of rules, and mandates.


Through our long-standing and solid relationships with state and federal agencies, we keep up with changes as they appear on the horizon, and we give you the time you need to respond and plan ahead as you make future investment decisions.

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