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Environmental Services


High Quality Imagery For:

LDAR Monitoring, SPCC Plans, Site Inspections,

Real Estate, Custom Projects


We will inspect sites, address emissions, submit applications and meet with regulators on your behalf.

Signing a Contract

We'll represent you if you have an inspection by an agency or if you receive a notice of violation from your state environmental agency or the EPA. 

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Quad O and Quad Oa rules target the oil and natural gas industry and call for unprecedented levels of monitoring and reporting.

_Quad Oa Reporting.jpg

We have the experience and expertise required to survey production sites, processing plants and other facilities to ensure they meet all environmental mandates required by state and federal regulators.

_Preconstruction Clearance.png

When you decide to put in a flowline or pipeline, a little preconstruction clearance can save big headaches and/or cleanup.


Whether you are preparing to sell a facility or getting ready to purchase one, it pays to avoid surprises and invest in the knowledge that may result in millions of dollars saved or earned at the negotiating table.


Spill cleanups can be expensive, and without the proper environmental supervision, they can be even more costly.


Each time a production site, pipeline or processing plant is modified, regulators require operators to re-address spill precautions to ensure operations remain compliant.


Baber Environmental can help clients avoid the costly liability of improper disposal by establishing policies and procedures to help guide operations.

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