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Due Diligence

How much is it worth? More times than not, that question can’t be answered without an environmental audit.

Whether you are preparing to sell a facility or getting ready to purchase one, it pays to avoid surprises and invest in the knowledge that may result in millions of dollars saved or earned at the negotiating table.


Baber Environmental has years of experience performing due diligence on production sites and midstream facilities associated with major corporate acquisition and divesture transactions. For acquisitions we can give your future assets a compliance evaluation that will inform you as the buyer what will be necessary to gain compliance once the purchase has been done. This includes potential equipment modifications.

That dollar value goes to the negotiation table with you. If you are divesting we can do the same evaluation only with the mindset of how to best/quickly be prepared for the due diligence effort coming from the potential buyers. Negotiations for compliant assets go much more smoothly than assets with the baggage of environmental issues.

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